It’s been a while…

I know it’s been a while since I last posted a blog. I will explain what has been going on as many things have happened since I last wrote a blog post.

I had made plans to write post around certain topics and had prepared them to some extend, but after my 3rd chemo (I have so far now had 5), I travelled north to stay with my father and to attend a 60th birthday party of a friend and neighbour who also is fighting cancer. I think the journey back and forth and the party, although they very pleasant, proofed to be a bit too much for me. I became ill when I came home with fever and ended up in hospital with an IV drip and antibiotics being pumped into my veins.


The very next day I came from the hospital, we moved places. We had been staying in a rented flat in the centre of Reykjavík, but my mother suggested we would should buy together a flat so that I would have a secure home during my health struggle. However, as I am a patient and Ravi is a foreigner, only my mother was able to go through a credit approval for a loan. We realised early on that we could not afford to live in the Reykjavík area, so we looked for a home outside the city and found one in the wonderful town of Hveragerði, approximately 30 minutes drive from the city. Because I had just been discharged from the hospital I was not allowed to do anything or help with the moving. Not that I had any energy to do so. But it frustrated me that I was not able to help. It frustrates me immensely that my body can not keep up with my mind. My mind wants to do so many things, but my physical capacity is greatly restricted and it is driving me crazy.



Just as I was getting better I had my 4th chemo. The first week afterwards was tough as per usual, but the weeks that followed were much better. I could feel that the change of location was proofing to be beneficial for me. I was feeling happy in my new home, but lacking the motivation to write again. I had a CT scan during these days and met with my doctor the following week, who told me that the cancer had stopped growing, which is a very good thing as it stops growing before it starts shrinking.  I was also given a blood transfusion as I have been severely lacking blood for months, which could not be improved with B12 shots or Iron tablets. I am very thankful to those people who gave that blood and to anyone who ever has. It really changed my energy levels. I felt as if I had been living like a zombie for a long time.


Me and Ravi drove north that same day, after my blood transfusion. We had been invited to my fathers and his girlfriends birthday party, which turned out to be a surprise wedding. I knew this all along of course because I had to ask my doctor to postpone my chemotherapy for a week so I could participate in the wedding.


My family @ my fathers wedding

After the 5th chemo I got the flue again and was feeling quite under the weather for a while. Once I started to feel a little better I became very busy again. I had an interview with a newspaper journalist and participated in a group discussion about what it’s like being a patient, with the national radio, whilst preparing for my brothers wedding which is taking place this weekend. My interview will be in the Sunday paper of the Morgunblaðið newspaper and I will let you know later when the radio discussion will be aired.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Magnea

    Ooo elskan Gangi þér vel í baráttunni ❤var svo gaman að hitta þig í afmælinu en ekki gott hvað það tók mikinn toll af þér.
    Til hamingju með pabba þinn Já og nýja húsið þitt 😚
    Takk fyrir að halda úti svona síðu gaman að fá að filgjast með þér þar sem ég er lélegri ann átt að hafa samband við þá sem eru mér ofarlega í huga 💚
    Love you ❤❤❤

    1. Ragga Post author

      Takk yndislega Magnea. Gaman að fá skilaboð frá þér, ég kann vel að meta það. Það er líka allta gaman að hitta þig 🙂


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