The Three Pointed Star

On March 29, I received the most dreadful news. My dear childhood friend Marin Rós, had passed away suddenly. The grieve that filled my heart was overwhelming. Why did this have to happen? She was supposed to live a long and fruitful life. This incredibly bright and beautiful girl, so bubbly and full of live. Wonderful mother and extraordinary person. This was so unfair.

Marin, her sister Anna and me dressing up for the beach during winter

Marin, her sister Anna and me dressing up for the beach during winter

I met Marin when I moved to the tiny village of Hólar at the age of 12. Hólar was the best place I had ever lived at. The school was great and kids where friendly. We were 4 girls in the class and all got on really well. Me, Magga Jóna, Katrín and Marin. Magga Jóna was from a farm in the valley and us, the other tree, all lived at Hólar. We soon became the best of friends and inseparable in all. The principle at our school called us “þrístyrnið”, a 3 pointed star. We endured puberty together and all that entails. First period, bras, boys and throwing the coolest parties. But we also loved doing other things too like exploring the area around Hólar, making prank calls, taking photos and developing them at the darkroom at school, hanging out at the school library between classes reading book, dancing like no one was watching, singing from the top of our voices and other cool things we thought up and made happen. It really was the greatest part of my childhood.

Me & Katrín reading one of Marin's Seventeen Magazines

Me & Katrín reading one of Marin’s Seventeen Magazines

When we went off to college, we got separated and for the next decade we did not see much of each other, but when we did it was wonderful and as if we had never been a part. But then the most horrible thing happened, in 2011 our dear Katrin passed away after a difficult fight with breast cancer. It was a great loss and brought me and Marin back together in our grieve. The same year I moved abroad, first England, then Sweden, Norway and eventually India. During this time Marin was fighting depression and addiction to prescription drugs.  When I came back home last year, we started to built our friendship again. When I was in Denmark for my pet scan, I received a phone call from Marin. She was in rehab and had gotten permission to phone me. We had the most intimate conversation about our struggles and how we were gonna be there for each other during them, me with my cancer and she with her demons. We made plans to learn Indian cooking and learn Bollywood dancing among other things. That was the last I heard from Marin as she died shortly after she came home from rehab. I miss her so much.

Me, Marín & Katrín during our confirmation

Me, Marín & Katrín during our confirmation

I will never forget these two incredible ladies. Their strength, intelligence and beauty. The time we had together and our memories. I will forever miss and love them. I pledge to survive this cancer and to live a long productive life. And at some point during my live I will write my memoir where I will make their memory immortal.


2 thoughts on “The Three Pointed Star

  1. Halla Jónsdóttir

    Ég táraðist við þennan lestur. Ég vona innilega að þú sigrir þína baráttu, þeim stöllum til heiðurs. Ég vissi ekki af fráfalli Marínar, en ég þekkti hana heldur ekki, nema ég hafði svo oft heyrt Katrínu minnast á hana. Katrín var ein af mínum bestu vinkonum og ég hugsa svo oft til hennar. Batakveðjur til þín!

    I went to tears reading this. I sincerely hope you will conquer your battle, on honor of these two friends. I didn’t know Marín passed away, but I didn’t know her, but heard Katrín talk about her so many times. Katrín was one of my dearest friends and I think of her so many times.
    Get well!


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