Happy New Year!

IMG_6650-1-576x1024At the beginning of the year 2015, I started this blog, but didn’t continue with it as the year didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped it would, as I spent most of the year having health problems. For a long time I did not know what was wrong with me, but I could tell something wasn’t right with me. I sought the help of medical experts in hope that someone might come up with an explanation. I was always tired, low in energy, I lacked concentration and I got frequent asthma attacks.

In the summer I worked as an office manager for Viking Rafting, as I had done the previous summer. When there was only couple of day left of the rafting season, we at Viking Rafting decided to cook a dinner for our partners. The day before, I was in pain and had fever, but because this dinner was important for the company, I decided to suck it up, took an ibuprofen in the morning and headed for work. But the pain worsened by the day and I was encouraged by my mother and fiancé to consult a doctor. The doctor asked me to come to the hospital in Sauðárkróki straight away for a blood test. After the blood test I was told that I would have to go immediately to the Hospital in Akureyri, as my blood test had revealed that I had severely high infection parameters in my blood. Turned out the infection had spread to my abdomen and liver and that I suffered as well from blood and vitamin B12 deficiency.  I was in hospital for 4 consecutive weeks. I got a strong cocktail of different antibiotics directly trough a central venous catheter in my chest and had to undergo all kinds of tests and exams. But it was of little or no avail, as the doctors could not conclude what was causing the infection. After spending approximately 2 months at home recovering, I was sent for a laparoscopic surgery between Christmas and New Years Ever, so that the doctors could get better samples to study, in their quest to determine the cause of the infection. I have yet to hear the result from that test.

I have decided on this new year, to focus on my health. I am gonna recover fully from this illness and I am going to do even better, what my health is concerned. I will try anything to help my body to fully recover, and then continue to give it all the love and care that I have so far denied it. The fact that I haven’t been taking good enough care of my health, might have contribute to my illness. I have, for a very long time, not taken good enough care of both my physical and mental health.  But now, that all will change. From now on, I will treat my body and mind like a temple. I will think carefully about everything I put into my body and stop worrying about everything. It is my New Years resolution. The first thing I will do is to stop drinking alcohol! 2016 is gonna be an alcohol-free year for me.

Another thing I’m going to do more of is to write. I decided to write at least one blog entry on this page each week, where I will record my progress and this new lifestyle that I intend to uphold on this new year and how it will affects my health.

I’ll will also dedicate time to write my books, because I have decided to publish my first book no later than in 2017 🙂

Happy New Year!

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