A little consideration goes along way!

When I wrote my blog post yesterday, I did not know that the online medium DV was gonna make news out if it. They did not ask my permission to extract from my blog. Even if they might not need my permission, it would have been the polite thing to do. There was more to my blog post than that one incident they chose to highlight, my pet scan result being my primary subject. Although these comments made that night by that drunk individual hurt me deeply, they were merely one of many things that made my week a difficult one. It is true that one should be more considerate to others in both words and action, as DV points out in their Facebook post of the article, but perhaps they should show in practice what they try to preach to others. I am not saying I would not give permission, but a little heads up would be nice next time someone wants to use my life as news material. I would kindly appreciate it.

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